At Sparsile, we have a committment to avoid factory-style stories, which are neatly pigeon-holed.

We want to appeal to an audience tired of the stereotype, tired of being told what sort of books they want to read, and ready to embrace something just a little different.

Breaking the formula

Sparsile Books is an independent publisher, specializing in literary fiction and high quality

We're old-fashioned in terms of the quality of our stories,
not the manner of the production. Sparsile Books uses the latest technology to produce both paperback and electronic versions.

The company was born out of a distaste for today's mass-marketing, with its formalistic approach to writing.

We want to put the art back into publishing, and so we have undertaken only to publish original and beautifully-crafted works with attention to historical detail and the poetry of language.
Putting the art back