Are you really old-fashioned?
Not in terms of the methods we use to produce our books. Sparsile uses state of the art technology to produce and distribute its books. We are old-fashioned when it comes to quality. We want stories that stand out, not ones that follow a formula.

Why are there no series of books?
Because we treat each book as a work of art in its own right, we don't generally promote series, which are centred on one universe. That's not to say that we wouldn't consider it, if something really blew our minds.

Are Sparsile books simply weird?
Well, that depends on your definition of weird. Generally, no. We don't want books that are different for the sake of it. We simply want stories that don't attempt to be gerneric.

Why don't you publish more stories?
Simply because we encourage authors to spend as much time as possible crafting and perfecting their work. We want to avoid burn-out in creativity. Quality over quantity every time.

Are you open to submissions?
Sadly, we cannot take on unsolicited manuscripts at this time. We hope to change that in future.

Why isn't there more information about the authors?
At Sparsile, we have tried to avoid the cult of the author. We believe that good writing is a meeting of minds. We want to promote books, not people.